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Integrating Innovation and Best Practice: The Message Matters for Afterschool Policy and Funding The Michigan AfterSchool Association Fall Collaborative Conference was held this October for professionals, direct service staff, advocates and supporters of expanded learning opportunities in Michigan. Charles Smith, executive director of the Weikart Center, led the keynote address, Integrating Innovation and Best Practice: The Message Matters for Afterschool Policy & Funding. This presentation focused on emerging findings about afterschool impact on school success and how social and emotional skills are the missing link. 10/20/2014
Bridge Conference 2014: Making Learning Personal Charles Smith, executive director at the Weikart Center gave two presentations at the Bridge Conference in October. The first was titled Afterschool Quality Linked to School Success Outcomes and introduced a model for how skills are developed in afterschool programs and how these skills might transfer to other settings. He then presented replicated findings that confirm the importance of program quality in demonstrating school outcomes – and discussed why social and emotional skills are a likely unmeasured link in this chain. The second was titled Building Social Emotional Skills in Afterschool: Early findings from SCE’s SEL Challenge and described a study of eight exemplary programs that build social emotional learning (SEL) skills in teens. 10/27/2014
Program Quality News: SEL Challenge Update, Using Brain Science, Webinar Series 11/24/2014
Quality In The Context Of Outcome Evaluations Video of presentation by Charles Smith at the 4th annual Youth-Nex conference "Let's Talk After-School: After-School Programs for Children and Adolescents. 11/24/2014
Youth Service Providers Build a Tool to Measure Their Impact (Seattle, Washington) Nonprofits collect data skills and dispositions that kids need for success 1/1/2015
Program Quality News: National Meeting, Methods and Management TOTs, Career Opportunity 3/4/2015
Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI) Phase Two Feasibility Study This report provides findings for an evaluation of the implementation of the SLPQI in 32 summer learning programs in Grand Rapids, Mich., Northern California, and Seattle, Wash. 3/25/2015
Framing an Evidence-Based Decision about 21st CCLC: How do we see the value? In this policy commentary, we do some reasoning about how 21st CCLC produces value and discuss the limitations in one particular way of seeing that value – the intent-to-treat impact evaluation design. 3/27/2015
Program Quality News: National Meeting, Methods TOT, NAA Podcast and More! 4/21/2015
A Family Engagement Initiative Pilot in School-Based Afterschool Programs This intervention uses the afterschool service to produce youth experience of family engagement and to engage the youth as an active producer of their own families’ engagement in successful transition to secondary education. 5/1/2015