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Cycle of Assessments and Improvements Boosts Afterschool Quality Afterschool programs get better the more they assess themselves and make changes based on those assessments, says the recently released report on the Youth Program Quality Intervention study by the Weikart Center. At a time when quality improvement is a priority for the afterschool field, the report says that a cycle of assessing staff practices, planning based on the assessment and targeted training improves the quality of services delivered to young people. 3/27/2012
Making Quality a Full-Time Job How one of the country's largest YMCAs is expanding efforts to improve services to kids. 7/31/2012
Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary #17: The Common Core Standards: What do they Mean for Out-of-School Time? The expansion of the Common Core State Standards in education opens new doors for out-of-school time (OST) providers to align their work with schools. 7/31/2012
2012 Nashville After Zone Alliance Quality Improvement Intervention Report This report summarizes key findings from the NAZA quality improvement intervention in the Northeast and South Central Zones 7/31/2012
Afterschool Quality and Outcomes: How Quality Improvement Systems Can Matter for Children and Youth (Presentation at Bridge Conference, Seattle, Washington) This session provides a multi-level perspective on quality improvement systems (QIS) for afterschool settings. 10/8/2012
Family Engagement and Middle Grades Transitions: The Role of Afterschool Programs (Presentation at the Youth-Nex Conference, Charlottesville, VA) At the 2012 Youth-Nex conference at the University of Virginia, Dr. Charles Smith had the opportunity to show the important role that afterschool programs can play in engaging families to support middle school transitions. 10/18/2012
Program Quality News: November 2012 Assessment Opportunity for Homeless and Runaway Youth; Building Citywide Systems for Quality; STEM PQA 11/15/2012
Program Quality News: December 2012 Planning with Multiple Data Sources, Expanded Learning Initiative & Data Sharing 12/20/2012
Program Quality News: January 2013 2013 Calendar of Events 1/25/2013
Program Quality News: February 2013 Youth Outcomes, STEM and middle school 2/19/2013