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Measuring Youth Program Quality: A Guide to Assessment Tools, 2nd Edition Program quality assessment and improvement continue to be central themes in the after-school and youth development fields. In March 2007 we released the first edition of this report comparing the purpose, history, structure, methodology, content and technical properties of different program observation tools. 1/12/2009
Quality and accountability in the out-of-school-time sector Article describing and offering advice on the appropriate use of the Youth Program Quality Assessment and similar measurement tools. 4/8/2009
Making AfterSchool Work for High School Youth In August 2008, the Lansing School District contracted with the Weikart Center to develop a one-year intervention that would dramatically improve management capacity, the quality of instruction at the point of service, and ultimately, attendance by high school aged youth. 1/1/2010
The Michigan Technical Assistance and Coaching Support Services (TACSS) Initiative In 2009, MDE partnered with the Weikart Center to provide increased professional development offerings for all grantees and intensive training, coaching, and technical assistance (TA) for a subset of referred grantees. The TACSS initiative was developed as a scalable quality improvement intervention. 1/1/2010
"Work in Progress" Webinar Series This webinar will provide information on the elements of the TACSS model, implementation successes and challenges, and the foundational partnership between state education agency, non-profit research and technical assistance organization, and university-based evaluation team. 6/15/2010
Quality Counts: Nashville After Zone Alliance Quality Improvement Pilot Final Report This report summarizes key findings from the NAZA quality improvement pilot and offer recommendations for expanding and sustaining its impacts. 7/31/2010
Quality Matters: The Pilot Report to the Community Quality Matters is one of three of United Way's community change strategies, and is focused on strengthening out-of-school time programming by providing training and coaching for youth program staff on ways they can better engage children and youth enrolled in their programs, while teaching them valuable life skills along the way. This report documents the results of the five-month Quality Matters pilot project. 8/16/2010
External Assessment Using the YPQA In this technical assistance brief we describe how external assessment, a key component of the YPQI, can provide OST program managers with detailed profiles of quality within their organizations. These profiles can help sustain higher stakes quality improvement efforts and bring more precision to interpretation of their program quality. 9/20/2010
The Youth Program Quality Intervention The Youth Program Quality Intervention, recently found effective in a randomized trial, is the basis for numerous improvement projects around the country. The YPQI follows an Assess-Plan-Improve sequence to help programs focus on and improve the quality of program offerings they provide for youth.In this technical assistance brief we describe the YPQI, focusing on how it can be implemented in a city, county, or state network. 9/20/2010
Self-Assessment Using the YPQA In this technical assistance brief we describe how program self-assessment using the Youth Program Quality Assessment (Youth PQA), a key component of the YPQI model, can help OST program managers and frontline staff begin a conversation about program quality with shared language. 9/21/2010