adult groupA critical part of program improvement is training program managers and staff for high performance. The Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality offers three tracks of trainings as well as several endorsements.  We offer most of our trainings as part of the Youth Program Quality Intervention, though some of the trainings may be customized for our clients.

Youth Work Management Series

The Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) is a research-validated and field-tested tool.  In our management series, we train managers how to use the YPQA to conduct a self-assessment and lead them through the development of an improvement plan based on that data.  Finally, we introduce the method of Observation-Reflection for managers to use to collaborate with staff on improving practices.

Youth Work Methods Series

These 2- to 3-hour workshops are aligned with the items of the Youth PQA found in the pyramid.  They are all delivered in the participatory learning method that is central to our philosophy, and give point-of-service staff practical skills that they can implement immediately.

Field Consultant Series

External Consultants help program directors and staff experience success in the YPQI. This can involve guiding program self-assessment, helping with improvement planning, working with individual staff, and facilitating trainings.