Technical Assistance

The Weikart Center offers comprehensive technical assistance (TA) for the Youth Program Quality Intervention process. We provide TA supports at three levels through phone, email, or onsite consulting:

We help network leaders:

  • Plan a data collection rollout, addressing issues such as accountability messages, network capacities, identifying trainings that align with plans.
  • Develop local capacities for external data collection and training.
  • Support ongoing data collection and program improvement—we apply our experience with dozens of improvement projects to help you with all the issues that arise.
  • Connect with other network professionals.

We help program leaders:

  • Lead a staff team through program self-assessment.
  • Collect, compile, and interpret program performance data to identify improvement needs and professional development priorities.
  • Lead program improvement planning with staff.
  • Use the online scores reporter for entering assessment data and improvement plans.
  • Monitor and report on performance changes.
  • Conduct Observation and Reflection with staff.
  • Effectively use staff meetings to focus on quality.

We help program staff:

  • Through brief, on-site in-service training used to re-introduce a concept or an idea from the Youth PQA or the Youth Worker Training Summit.
  • With technical support for online training.
  • Through co-observation of program sessions with program leaders.
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