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Oklahoma 21st CCLC PPICS Webinar Getting familiar with the grantee profile and data management spreadsheet. 2/16/2012
NY-OCFS Check-in Webinar This webinar was to check-in on the self assessment process and address any questions. The improvement planning stage was also addressed. 2/13/2012
Managing the External Assessor Process This webinar was provided for network leads to discuss and brainstorm ideas to support the external assessment management process. 12/20/2011
New York Office of Children and Family Services Kickoff This 1-hour webinar introduces participants to the NY-OCFS Program Quality Assessment and to the process of program self assessment. Participants are also provided with a project timeline and specific next steps. 12/15/2011
Oklahoma Leading Indicators Report Q & A An introduction to the Oklahoma 21st Century Community Learning Centers Leading Indicator reports. 11/17/2011
Oklahoma New Grantee Orientation to PPICS An overview of PPICS for first-time users 11/9/2011
Scores Reporter: External Assessment Demo
2016-09-22 Oklahoma 21st Century - Data Management
YMCA of USA YPQI Kickoff Webinar-10/03/2016