"Work in Progress" Webinar Series

Our first webinar in the "Work in Progress" series informed participants about the Technical Assistance and Coaching Support Services Initiative (TACSS) for Michigan 21st Century Community Learning Center grantees. TACSS was designed to improve the quality of afterschool experiences available to Michigan students and provides an example of a state of the art accountability and improvement policy successfully implemented at scale. This webinar will provide information on the elements of the TACSS model, implementation successes and challenges, and the foundational partnership between state education agency, non-profit research and technical assistance organization, and university-based evaluation team.

This webinar will be of particular interest to persons who are:

  • Building accountability and improvement models focused on the quality of instruction and adult-child interaction.
  • Using or considering the Youth Program Quality Assessment or Youth Program Quality Intervention.
  • Administering budgets dedicated to program monitoring, professional development and evaluation.


Since 2005 the Michigan Department of Education has required 21st Century CLC programs to complete the Youth Program Quality Assessment with the goal of focusing site managers and staff teams on quality at the point of service, the space where relationships and instruction have the highest likelihood of impacting child development and learning. While the quality assessment process has been well received, it has also become clear that (1) afterschool organizations need improvement in other areas that either supplement or compliment the quality of instruction and (2) many afterschool managers and site teams request more intensive technical assistance and coaching. In response, the Michigan Department of Education contracted with the Weikart Center to bring together a group of key stakeholders in the design of TACSS. Key goals were to raise quality of relationships and instruction in 21st CCLC by better aligning both resources and regulation at multiple levels of setting: system, organization and instruction. The TACSS initiative was developed as a scalable quality improvement intervention, drawing heavily on stakeholder experience in the field, findings from the Youth Program Quality Intervention Study, and the national Head Start program’s technical assistance model. For more information about the TACSS project, please visit the project website at: http://dev.cypq.org/projects/MDE.

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Authors: Gina McGovern,Angelina Garner,John Taylor,Pat Hennessey

Publisher: David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

TACSS Webinar Slides 6.15.10.pdf - 1.93 MB

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