Knowledge Gains from Professional Development Training: Report on the Palm Beach County Afterschool Educator Certificate Pilot

The first year of the Palm Beach County Afterschool Educator Certificate Pilot included four cohorts, each consisting of 29-31 youth worker participants. Participants from three of these cohorts completed survey-type assessments prior to and/or after the AEC training. Pre-test scores ranged from 56% and 65% suggesting that the assessments were challenging, but not impossible. Post-test scores ranged from 67% to 93%, and in every case, post-test scores were higher than pre-test scores. These knowledge gains were statistically significant in all but two areas assessed, both of which contained smaller sample sizes (due to the way assessments were spread out across cohorts). After the training, participants were asked to retrospectively report on their knowledge in several areas before and after the training. Every individual retrospective item showed higher post- than pre- scores and these were significant in nearly all cases. It is therefore likely that real knowledge gains occurred in all areas of the AEC. It appears that year one of the AEC pilot successfully increased youth worker knowledge.


Authors: Tom Akiva,Gina McGovern

Publisher: David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

PBC-AEC Report September 2010 for Distribution.pdf - 209.23 KB