Design Study for the Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI): Final-Year Intervention Design and Evaluation Results

The Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI) is a continuous improvement intervention for summer learning systems and settings. The intervention includes: (a) standards and measures for high-quality instructional practices, (b) data products and technology for meaningful feedback, (c) a plan-assess-improve cycle at each summer site, and (d) supports necessary to design and implement the prior three parts. The SLPQI focuses on instructional practices that build student skills during summer and increase school success during subsequent school years.

The SLPQI was the subject of a four-year Design Study involving 152 providers in seven cities. In the final year of the study, the SLPQI was implemented citywide in Denver, CO; St. Paul, MN; and Seattle, WA (N = 106 sites). This report presents final specification of the SLPQI design, supports, measures, and performance benchmarks.



Authors: Charles Smith,Ravi Ramaswamy,Katie Helegda,Colin Macleod,Barbara Hillaker,Poonam Borah,Stephen C. Peck

Publisher: David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

2017-03-12 SLPQI Final Report v8.pdf - 1.23 MB