Afterschool Quality and Outcomes: How Quality Improvement Systems Can Matter for Children and Youth (Presentation at Bridge Conference, Seattle, Washington)


This session provides a multi-level perspective on quality improvement systems (QIS) for afterschool settings. We introduce a theory of change associated with the Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI), a site-level quality improvement model used in over 70 QIS. Evidence will be presented to support links in the cascade of effects from QIS policy adoption to child-level change. Policy challenges for QIS investments will be discussed: measure reliability-cost tradeoffs, quality thresholds, targeting resources. Finally, audience questions will be addressed and table group discussions will be guided toward evaluation of the theory of change presented at the beginning of the session with a focus on evaluating strengths and weakness of both the theory and relevant QIS policies in Washington State.


Author: Charles Smith

Publisher: David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

Bridge_ELI_Final_10-7-12.pdf - 2.47 MB